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We Are Expert

  • Solar PV System, Off-Grid, Grid-Tied & Hybrid

  • Solar LED Lights, Street,Public Area, Parking Lot, BillBoard 


A Better For Future

From the electricity that lights our homes to the cars we drive to work, modern life was built on fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. But burning them creates climate change and releases pollutants that lead to health issues, But The solar PV systems installed on buildings have minimal effects on the environment and Converts sunlight into electrical energy,  helps to cut the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions, as it does not rely on the burning of fossil fuels to function. Reduce carbon emissions and healthy for life. Solar Power and Solar lights That is the better future for human being.

Top Rated

  • Solar PV Bifacial Panel   550W  with UL certificate

  • Solar LED street lights   50W  with UL certificate

20 Years of Experience

Since 2003, We have been dedicated in R&D and production in the field of lights, and focus on Solar LED lights & Solar PV after 2010. Especially in Commercial & Industrial,  Design and installation for Off-Grid and Grid-tied or Hybrid. Regarding the Solar LED lights, It's amazing for Public area, Street, Parking lot and billboard.

Quality That Lasts

  • 12 years warranty for solar panel

  • 30-year linear power output warranty

  • 5 years warranty for Solar LED lights

Personalised Solutions

As per your individual needs. We provide customizing a product to fit your personal preferences to provide them with unique, one-on-one assistance that is based on the specific situation



Invest in Your Future

If you have passion in the field of solar energy and Solar LED lights. We will do our best to support you in your territory.

Join the Family

A change is coming, you can be a part of it.

Contact us at to learn about future job opportunities.

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